PMCI’s vision for the next five years

Target Market: The Philippine Malabon Cultural Institute (PMCI) will serve as a school for the lower income Chinese-Filipino families where both parents are working professionals or managing a small family business.
The PMCI aims to keep its tuition affordable, as much as possible at 50 percent to 60 percent of Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities-rated Chinese school.
Facilities: The PMCI will maintain a spartan environment and school facilities, reinforcing the values of frugality, and the attitude of achieving goals using limited resources.
It will keep 60 percent of its area as gardens and greeneries, with century old trees and wild grasses, for students, teachers and parents to enjoy a rural scenery in the heart of Metro Manila.
Quality Promise: The PMCI will strive to be the best in the affordable education segment by keeping a low student to teacher ratio.
The PMCI recognizes that students come from the lower middle-class income families, where both parents might have to work. It will strive to be their home away from home, where teachers and non-teachers alike show care and love for students.
Values: The PMCI aims to promote the value of frugality and working with limited resources.
It will strive to provide students with more opportunity to solve problems under frugal conditions, with the aim of helping students develop problem-solving skills and other skill sets needed to take on bigger challenges, hence, becoming self-reliant.
It is our hope that future employers will prefer PMCI graduates because of their problem-solving skills and their initiative to take on responsibility.
We hope these values and qualities instilled in PMCI graduates give them the edge to be successful in their chosen profession.
We hope PMCI alumni will be willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of their community and fellowmen, because of the care and love they received from our school and their training in working for success by overcoming hardship.