Soul of China

Yao Tan and Yi Wang

In 983 A.D., Yao Tan (姚担) was appointed by Emperor Song Tai Zong (宋太宗, 976-998) as a palace official to tutor the crown prince, Yi Wang (益王). Yi Wang was known to be spendthrift, outspoken and unbending. Earlier, he had spent millions to build a rockery (artificial hill) in his palace. Upon completion, he hosted …

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The three evils

Zhou Chu (周處) of the kingdom of Wu (吳) had lost his father at a young age during the Three Kingdoms Period (222-280 AD). By the time he turned 20, he was already a man of great strength that no ordinary person could match. But he had never cared to learn good manners and right …

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Honest and clean

In this issue, we have two stories of honesty and cleanliness in two high-ranking officials during the Han Dynasty (221 BC-220 AD). Both of them are surnamed Wang (王). The first is Wang Jie (王吉) of first century BC. When he was still young, he lived in Chang’an (長安), the capital then, to study. The …

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