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Without country, there is no family (沒國就沒家)

Bu Shi (卜式), a shepherd, accumulated great wealth during the reign of Han Wu Di (漢武帝, 140-88 BC). At that time, the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.) was battling the Xiongnu (Huns), an ancient nationality in northern China. The war had drained the empire’s coffers. When Bu Shi learned about it, he submitted a statement …

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周 Zhou in PH

The ninth most populous surname in China is 周 (Zhou in Mandarin, Chiu in Hokkien). Yet, there is no 周 family association in the Philippines simply because there are not enough of the clan members living here. Nevertheless, there are Chius in the Philippines. Among the prominent Chiu family in Cebu is Francisco L. Benedicto …

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