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Kitaiski (Chinese) in Russia

First published in Tulay, Fortnightly Chinese-Filipino Digest 25, no. 7 (September 11-24, 2012): 8-11. A district near the Kremlin is called kitai gorod: Chinese district. Yet, the Kitaiski are almost invisible in the city. Chinese presence in Russia assumes some importance given the border the two countries share, and increasing number of agreements on trade […]

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Chinese in PH suffered worse fate at Japanese hands

Do you know how many Chinese in the Philippines lost their lives and properties during the three years of Japanese occupation? The “Summary of Overseas Chinese Affairs Statistics of 1946” report published by the Taiwan Overseas Affairs Office reveals that 12,000 of the 117,463 Chinese in the Philippines died during the Japanese occupation. This accounts […]

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Scholars promote better understanding of Chinese overseas — ISSCO

Found all over the world, people of Chinese ancestry can help their adopted countries reach better understanding and cooperation with China and Chinese overseas. This was the general consensus at an international conference – with nearly 280 scholars from 30 countries – held in China last November. It was the 10th such conference by the […]