China History

Why one China?  

First published in Tulay Monthly, Chinese-Filipino Digest 1, no. 7 (December 11, 1988): 12, 16. Introduced as a teacher of a graduate course on Contemporary China at the UP Asian Center, I was met with a blank stare which ‘seemed to suggest that I might as well go teach in a monastery. After lecturing to […]


Paving the road: PH-China diplomatic relations untold stories, reminiscences

This year (2015), the Philippines and the People’s Republic of China commemorate 40 years of diplomatic relations. The joint communiqué was signed June 9, 1975 by Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos and China Premier Zhou Enlai.The day is now celebrated as Philippines-China Friendship Day. It underscores the centuries of friendship between the two countries, begun […]


Beyond conflict: The future of PH-China relations

There is no doubt that the South China Sea conflict is a major factor that defines the current state and future direction of Philippines-China relations. But Philippines-China relations are wide-ranging and far-reaching. Beyond the South China Sea conflict are many other areas where the Philippines and China can cooperate rather than compete. These areas were […]