Beyond prejudices

First published in Tulay Monthly, Chinese-Filipino Digest 2, no. 7 (December 24, 1989): 7, 12. Dr. Randy Bulatao, eminent sociologist, in his study on ethnic prejudices (against Muslims and against Chinese) concluded that,  “Childhood prejudices and narrow loyalties may be diluted and overlaid with specific concerns as one matures, but they remain latent and capable …

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Don’t even ask

My husband and I had a great laugh when we saw a series of signs – saying “Boycott China Products Now!!” – recently lining a street behind St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City and ending at the barangay hall on Broadway corner E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. We immediately looked at the tags of the clothes …

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From stereotypes, racism to understanding and respect

Ignorance and lack of communication can lead to misunderstanding. This in turn leads to stereotyping and discrimination. In extreme situations, such discrimination becomes the basis for ethnic aggression and cleansing. Horrible memories of Nazi abuses against the Jews, ethnic cleansing in Europe, Asia, and Africa, remain in the world’s social consciousness. The first steps toward …

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