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Oct. 1 or Oct. 10? Ignorance and confusion  

First published in Tulay, Monthly Chinese-Filipino Digest 2, no. 5 (October 22, 1989): 7. When is China’s National Day, Oct. l or Double Ten, many of our Filipino friends have been asking. Even the young Chinese Filipinos who do not know the difference between the two dates are confused. China’s vastness, in size and population, […]

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Future of Chinese Filipinos

First published in Tulay Montly, Chinese-Filipino Digest 1, no. 5 (October 7, 1988), p. 7. The Chinese Filipino, up to this point in time, can consider himself lucky. The democratic processes work for him. He has been welcomed into the body politic of the nation. The discrimination and second-class citizen treatment are exceptions rather than […]