Culture Idioms...Hokkien style

When words fail, use idioms… Hokkien style (14)

Hokkien, on the tongues of Tsinoys, has grown and evolved, taking on a life of its own.
Sometimes words simply fail us. With some creativity, Tsinoys have strung together words to form colorful phrases that simply hit the bull’s eye.
Here are some expressions unique to Hokkien as favored by Tsinoys.

跟鬼哭無爸kang kui k’ao bo peasking the ghosts for one’s fathera helpless case: seeking help from someone who doesn’t care
近香燒無香kun hiun sio bue p’angnear essence has no fragrancefailing to appreciate something or someone closer to home
孔孔顛k’ong k’ong tianswaying while walkingsomeone who seems to be wobbling or losing balance while walking, normally referring to a drunk person, a small child learning to walk or an old person.
極空人kiak k’ang langan aloof persona proud or aloof person
吃桌tsia toeating tablea Chinese lauriat celebrating a special occasion
First published in Tulay Fortnightly, Chinese-Filipino Digest 28, no. 17 (February 2-15, 2016): 15.