Celebrate Philippine heritage at Lakbay Museo

CAR – Ifugao House

There’s an entire generation of people who hunger for travel and live for the excitement of discovering new sights and places to explore. This rings true for many young Filipinos who are now discovering and revisiting many of the Philippines’ best vacation spots, immersing themselves with the country’s unique history through festivals, fashion and food.
Presenting the best that the Philippines has to offer and so much more is Lakbay Museo.
A project of The Millennial Concept Factory, Inc. headed by chief operating officer Lawrence Li Tan, Lakbay Museo offers a chance for young people to travel across the Philippines and know more about the country’s history and culture in one massive space.
Lakbay Museo presents a showcase of unique experiences, from tasting regional cuisine, seeing traditional textiles, to standing across many of the prominent tourist spots in the Philippines such as Mayon Volcano in Albay and Magellan’s Cross in Cebu.

NCR – Talipapa

The Instagram-worthy exhibits present an artistic take on the colorful fabric of our country. Aside from real food to eat and real hand-made products to enjoy, Lakbay Museo features the masterful work of local artists who have created thousands of realistic replicas of the various market produce farmers and fishermen provide to build our nation’s everyday lives – a multitude of fish species and a variety of vegetables and fruits lovingly crafted to display the many things one has yet to discover about our country.
That’s not all. Lakbay Museo is an interactive experience, with people who represent many of the regions to talk to and entertain you as you go around.
A puppet show educates children on Philippine heritage, and dance troupes perform on the big stage. In total, Lakbay Museo presents over 11 Philippine landmark destinations and hundreds of artifacts covering rice and coffee variants, market produce, and food staples that represent the unique variety of the Filipino people.
There’s even more to experience. Lakbay Museo features the traditional clothing woven by actual ethnic and indigenous groups across the country. Over 120 mannequins are displayed wearing authentic Filipino fashion from these groups. Original tapestries and fabrics are also on display.
Over 600 regional dishes were gathered to showcase more than just the usual adobo, tinola or sinigang that we are used to. Of course, who can forget about everyone’s favorite bagoong (shrimp paste). More than one variety is available. And what about suka (vinegar). Different levels of sourness can be had from various regions, giving you a literal taste that is so distinct for each area of the country.
Who can forget about the people? Don’t be surprised when Lakbay Museo staff randomly burst into dance with familiar and not-so-familiar moves from many Filipino fiestas and celebrations. The same goes for memorable music pieces and artworks that young people can recognize and rediscover.

Visayas – Under the Sea

Located at S Maison in Conrad Manila at the Mall of Asia complex, Lakbay Museo was built on the foundation of environment conservation. Nearly all of the exhibits were constructed using 4,560 old and used rubber slippers and scrapped materials, 328 old rubber tires, 453 old car mats, and a variety of recyclable materials.
The museum also provides job opportunities to out of school youths, non-professionals, local artists, disabled persons, and senior citizens.
In partnership with the DTI OTOP this Philippine millennial museum concept is providing 189 micro-, small- and medium-scale enterprises in the country gain market access for their products.
School administrators and educators will be delighted to know that Lakbay Museo follows an educational curriculum specific to the different grade levels or age groups and provides interactive activities that fit their needs and subjects.
Whether you’re doing it for the ‘Gram, educating kids about our country, or simply want to rejoice in everything there is to be a proud Filipino, Lakbay Museo is the place to celebrate our unique identity.

Lakbay Museo is located at Level 1, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Marina Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. For more information, call (+632) 838-7927; 0917-1754992, or email [email protected].