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Indonesian captives rescued, one Malaysian captive killed in Sulu

One of two Indonesian captives of the Abu Sayyaf rescued by government troops died during an encounter in an island village in Banguingui town off Sulu.
Malaysian captive Jari Abdullah, who was with the two Indonesian hostages, was also shot while trying to escape during an encounter between the military and the Abu Sayyaf. He died while under medical treatment in a hospital in the southern port city, military officials announced.
Westmincom officials turned over rescued Indonesian fisherman Heri Ardiansyah to Indonesian DAFA Col. Sigit Himawan Sutanto.
Ardiansyah was rescued in the waters off Simisa Island along with another Indonesian fisherman, Hariadin, who goes only by one name. Unfortunately, Hariadin drowned.
Authorities said Ardiansyah and Hariadin tried to swim across the channel towards Banglao Island as the Marine forces and Abu Sayyaf bandits under Arik fought.
The remains of Hariadin was brought to Manila.
Ardiansyah, Hariadin, and Abdullah were seized from their boat while they were fishing in Pegasus Reef, Kinabatangan, Malaysia last Dec. 6.