10 essential steps to surviving cancer

If you practice these 10 essential steps, you are already 85 percent to 95 percent healed. Depending on how intense and passionate you accept, take and practice these 10 essential steps. Consider these 10 steps as your checklist or score card to find out how much you are working towards achieving them. People can live with cancer and be happy, healthy and full of abundance.

  1. Sleep. Sleep for eight hours every night in complete darkness. Melatonin, the healing and restorative hormone, is only produced in darkness and every person needs eight hours of melatonin production for total healing. If you have difficulty sleeping, just stay in darkness (using an eye patch) and focus only on a single thought (healing) or say a short prayer repeatedly.
  2. Exercise or physical activity. Do you move your limbs, arms and legs? Do you walk daily for at least 20 to 30 minutes? Try to achieve at least 10,000 steps a day (measured using a pedometer). Avoid sitting down or lying down most of the time. Regular daily exercises produce endorphins, another healing hormone and pain reliever.
  3. Love and forgiveness. Accept and manifest “to love and be loved” with your family, Have you forgiven and asked for forgiveness especially from your spouse, children, siblings and in-laws, other relatives and friends? Liver metastasis is a manifestation of resentment, anger and hatred. Lung ailment is the result of regret, grief and loneliness. Learn ways to let go of these negative feelings. Try seeking professional counseling or spiritual guidance.
  4. Stillness. Devote time to prayer and practice stillness and silence for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. Visualize the healing light and divine energy focused on your original cancer site and where metastasis are – that this light and energy are melting away the tumors and cancer cells.
  5. Embrace. Allow yourself to be embraced daily by your family and your loved ones. Feel the warm positive energy from the embrace being transferred to you. I teach “Haplos Hilot” or touch therapy as a healing essential in cancers, preferably done by your spouse and children or a loved one.
  6. Laughter. How often do you smile and laugh? Do you watch happy movies, TV shows? Listen to happy music or music that stimulates happiness in your body, mind and spirit. Read books full of jokes and humor. Stop watching sad, conflict-ridden and violent movies and television shows and local news full of crime and misery. All these happy thoughts, music and videos produce serotonin, a natural chemical produced by our body that enhances calmness, serenity and peaceful mind.
  7. Friends. Maintain friendship with a core of true friends. Allow visits, or calls at designated times. Call on your friends for prayers, good positive thoughts and messages of caring.
  8. Food. Have you given up animal meat? Do you eat more organic fruits and vegetables and deep-sea fish? Give up shells, crustaceans and alcohol. Animal flesh, shells and crustaceans and alcohol are toxic to the liver. Take honey, organic raw cane sugar (muscovado), coconut sugar daily. These are the best food for a diseased liver. Shift to brown or red rice, whole wheat bread and cereals.
  9. Positive thinking. Do you declare and recite affirmation statements? I encourage my patients to say everyday “ I am happy!” “I am healthy!” “I am prosperous!” I am healed!” “So be it, so be it, so be it!” These words take only 10 seconds to say. Your family members must also say these affirmation statements, e.g. “Tatay is healed,” “Tatay is completely healed,” “Tatay is miraculously healed,” “So be it. So be it. So be it.” Say these affirmations as often as possible.
  10. Physical health. What is your waist circumference (at the level of the navel)? Ideally, it should be 34 inches or below. Have you achieved your ideal body mass index? How is your complete blood count and basic blood chemistry?

By Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan, MD, MPH

The author is chairman and founder of Health Futures Foundation Inc., a civil society organization working to create communities of wellness in marginalized communities nationwide.