Unintended Do-It-Yourself job

If the need is not urgent, take all the time you want to mull things over, play with possibilities and ideas.
I had been mulling at the problems and solutions for years before I finally upgraded my kitchen cabinets. By the time I started, I knew what had to be done and where to source the materials. It took months to find and speak with different vendors. Suppliers of modern modular kitchen systems wanted to demolish my stone kitchen counters so their prefabricated modular cabinetry system would fit more easily. This was clearly to their advantage, with little benefit – and higher cost – to me.
To varying degrees, I was urged to spend more on things I neither needed nor wanted. But why would I go for a synthetic counter when I have beautiful stone? I was also floored by the astronomical sums quoted. If I went with any of these suppliers, my expenses would go right through the roof! I turned away from this option. Instead, I brought in a good carpenter and later, a painter. I also found someone who can take away my debris.
I became my own contractor and designer. The carpenter gutted the cabinetry to reveal underutilized cavernous spaces. I took measurements, decided where to place new cabinets and drawers, got wood and a good paint job instead of particle board and laminates vendors offered.
I also purchased very good soft-close mechanisms for cabinet doors and drawers. I even learned to negotiate for discounts from suppliers, including one who was not known to give any. (Yes, I developed a thick skin. Anything to save some pesos.) Doing it this way, I was a lot busier, but I got what I wanted. When all was said and done, I spent way less than I would have with a vendor.  That was nearly 10 years ago. My upgraded kitchen still looks – and works – great.