Idioms...Hokkien style

When words fail, use idioms… Hokkien style (52)

Hokkien, on the tongues of Tsinoys, has grown and evolved, taking on a life of its own. Sometimes words simply fail us. With some creativity, Tsinoys have strung together words to form colorful phrases that simply hit the bull’s eye. Here are some expressions unique to Hokkien as favored by Tsinoys.

kio ti kio kao, poot du kai ki tsao commanding a pig or dog, it would be better to run yourself instead of relying on others, it would be better to do the task yourself.
tsu lai bo niao, lo tsi k’iao k’a without the cat, the mouse relaxes a place without someone in authority will end up disordered and in a mess.
豬仔貪別人槽 ti-ya t’am pat lang tsö pigs fond of eating food from other’s trough someone greedy for other people’s possession.
tsap tsui kao k’a tseng ten mouths nine buttocks too many opinions for a simple matter
lo tsi kang niao tsue sin dit mouse caters a birthday party for cat pertaining to a hypocritical act