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P2-B fake gadgets, home items seized in Binondo raid

Around P2 billion worth of counterfeit goods, including gadgets, soaps and other household items, were seized by the Bureau of Customs from a storage facility in Sta. Cruz, Manila.
BOC Commissioner Isidro Lapeña said the goods were found inside three units of Huang Lim Hong Lian Building in Binondo.
Fake electronics, cell phone accessories, GoPro cameras, headsets, detergent soaps, vape juice and whitening soaps, etc. were found in hundreds of boxes.
The products were fake versions of brands like Beats, Apple, Samsung, Adidas, Bose, Oppo, Olay and Aveeno.
Lapeña said there was nobody present during the raid at the units, which was allegedly rented by a certain Brian Lee.
The BOC chief also noted that the counterfeit goods did not undergo quality control.
BOC secured the units pending an investigation and the issuance of a warrant of seizure and detention, and the fake goods will be destroyed.