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200 years after galleon trade Mexican navy sends ship to Manila

For the first time since the galleon trade ended two centuries ago, a Mexican navy ship made its way to Manila on Aug. 4.
The tall ship ARM Cuauhtemoc docked at Pier 15 of the South Harbor for a four-day goodwill visit. It was open to the public until Aug. 7.
Since its voyage began February, it has visited 12 countries in Europe and Asia, including Panama, the United States, Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt and India.
The voyage commemorates the centennial of the proclamation of Mexico’s constitution.
Its last port of call before Manila was Singapore. After Manila, it sailed to China. It will also stop in South Korea and Japan, and visit the US before heading back to Mexico on Nov. 21.
It has more than 200 crew members, about 40 of whom are naval cadets from Mexico’s Heroic Navy Military School.
A number of cadets say they are curious to trace historical ties, back when Manila and Acapulco traded for 250 years starting in mid-16th century to mid-18th century.