Kidnap Watch

30 foreigners cleared in gambler’s kidnap

Alleged members of a loan shark syndicate were cleared of charges for the kidnapping and serious illegal detention of Singaporean national Wu Yan, 48.
Of the 44 foreign nationals– Chinese and Malaysians – charged, 30 were cleared when the Department of Justice ruled on July 20 that there was no probable cause against them. They were reportedly not identified by the victim as her abductors.
The inquest resolution named the 30 as Li Jia Long, Pan Wei Jun, Chen Chao Yi, Chen Guo Xiong, Wang Min, Meng Hao, Pao Xi, Huan Dong Chuan, Yan Xiao Tao,
Lin Bing Wen, Kang Cai Chun, Xie Qing Yun, Lin Zhi Tian, Li Lian Den, Qing Chi, Zhu Chong Guang, Lin Feng Bin, Liu Peng, Zhang Fu Xing, Li Yun, Zeng Wei, Wang Fei, Zhang Cheng Jian, Lin Chao, Zou Guan Bao, Rong Yi Wang, Li Hong Bing, Yuan Dan, Huan Tian Peng and Lin Yung Long.
The others are still undergoing preliminary investigation.
They are Ng Yu Meng, Goh Kok Meong, Chen Jing Wang, Chen Cheng Feng, Deng Kong Zhi,
Ou Min, Chen Jia Yang, Cai Si Yang, Cheng Zai Zheng, Zheng Wei Xiong, Wu Shi Zhu, Huang Lifang, Li Xiang Hu and Ou Fang
The accused group allegedly operated inside Metro Manila casinos targeting high rollers.
The resolution was signed by Assistant State Prosecutor Phillip dela Cruz and approved by Senior Deputy State Prosecutor Richard Anthony Fadullon and Acting Prosecutor General Jorge Catalan Jr.
Wu said she was forcibly taken on July 17 at Solaire Resorts and Casino, Parañaque and taken to Bayview International Towers, also in Parañaque, where she was held and beaten up by alleged members of the syndicate. There was also a ransom demand of US$180,000 (P9 million).
The Philippine National Police Anti-Kidnapping Group and the National Bureau of Investigation rescued Wu the next day.
Wu is a tourist who frequents the casino.
Once the victim is heavily in debt, the syndicate would begin to make threats and abduct him or her for ransom, police said.
Media reports reveal this is the seventh case of a loan shark syndicate kidnapping since June.

Abus kidnap 5 workers in Sulu
Five construction workers were kidnapped by 20 suspected Abu Sayyaf bandits in Patikul, Sulu on July 15.
Edmundo Ramos, Jayson Baylosis, Joker Adanza and Jun Guerrero, and Jenly Miranda were in their sleeping quarters at the Kawmpang Elementary School sports complex in Barangay Bangkal, when they were seized just past 1 a.m.
Another worker, Larry Velasquez, escaped, but was wounded when the bandits opened fire. He reported the incident to the police.
The kidnappers called two of the victims’ relatives – Ammie Guerrero and Dayang Ramos – to demand P1 million ransom for each victim. The caller said he belongs to the Abu Sayyaf’s Ajang-Ajang group.
A town official said most kidnapping cases were not reported to authorities because the victims were released after less than a day in captivity with the payment of a “token” amount.