Century-old HK trams get facelift, new logo

Also known as the Ding Ding cars because of the sound of their bells, Hong Kong’s 100-year-old tramcars received a new logo and visual identity.
The background color of the new visual identity of the tramcars is green, to indicate that they are environmentally sound and safe.
The new slogan, “Catch a ride, catch a smile” is printed on the front of each tramcar. On the bottom of the vehicle, there is a smile expression, referring to operators’ friendly personalities and faithful service.
Over the next few months, smile stickers will go on the bumper of each tramcar. The operator Hong Kong Tramways also pledges to make passenger information on stops and its website more friendly.
As well, each tramcar will have on board a bronze plate to acknowledge the craftsmanship of the skilled workers who design and build the cars at the depot.
The world’s largest fleet of double-deck tramcars in operation, carrying about 200,000 passengers every day, Hong Kong tramways has been in service since 1904. Today, it operates a fleet of 164 tramcars.