Culture Idioms...Hokkien style

When words fail, use idioms… Hokkien style (44)

Hokkien, on the tongues of Tsinoys, has grown and evolved, taking on a life of its own. Sometimes words simply fail us. With some creativity, Tsinoys have strung together words to form colorful phrases that simply hit the bull’s eye. Here are some expressions unique to Hokkien as favored by Tsinoys.

個個猛 kê kê bi-eng everyone is ferocious

ridiculously arrogant and feeling self-important.


bo tsu bo ee no decision

undecided, pertaining to one who can’t make up his mind.


niao sua siu cat moving nest

describing a person who often move house just like a cat


ho sai kao bearded dog

to describe a person who does not care about his appearance.


yong di sia ti pa tsia the word “brave” written on the back

to describe crude and boorish people who is unable to foresee the consequences of his actions