Part of Ming Dynasty city wall collapses

In the ancient Chinese capital of Nanjing, part of a Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) city wall collapsed due to a nearby construction. No casualties were reported following the collapse of the wall, built in Xiaotaoyuan Park, where residents regularly exercise.

According to mainland laws protecting cultural relics, approval is needed before any infrastructure construction starts, but the crew in question had not sought permission and it remained unclear how badly the wall had been damaged, the report said.

The local culture department said security guards had been deployed 24 hours a day to protect the scene.
Last year, a man and his nephew in northeastern China’s Shaanxi province were detained after they tried to build a cellar in their courtyard and uncovered an ancient Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) tomb. They were accused of stealing and selling 13 relics from the tomb.