Global users access China’s free digital academic resources

Scholars, researchers and students in the humanities and social sciences were thrilled by news- that China’s National Center for Philosophy and Social Science Documentation will provide article download services – free of charge, reported. The center’s rich resources offer free access to almost all core journals in the humanities and social sciences. Registered users can search for articles, subscribe to resources, read online and download full texts after logging in.

Launched last Dec. 30, NCPSSD was proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping at a symposium on the country’s work in philosophy and the social sciences last May 17.  At present, NCPSSD has four columns: news, resources, specials and services. Resources include Chinese journals, foreign journals, foreign-language books and ancient books.There are more than 10 million articles available in total, all related to philosophy and social science.

The website also boasts a collection of links to government organizations, universities, academic institutions and philosophy and social science databases. The unique platform connects to the National Social Science Database, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Achievement Database and the OA Journal.

A state-funded project, NCPSSD’s biggest advantage is its open and complimentary nature, which will help to disseminate academic achievements.