Roundtable on research directions

An evaluation of the conference proceedings was done at the roundtable post conference discussion. Overall, comments elicited were very positive. Some of the comments and suggestions for future research:

  • Research on the Chinese in Philippine economy, new generations of entrepreneurs, transnational links and business practices.
  • Study on new Chinese immigrants: how illicit entry to the country happens; activities of new migrants engage in entrepreneurship and business ventures; how they interact with the Chinese Filipinos; identify and interaction with other players in their new environment.
  • Contemporary work on Chinese Muslims, make use of archival materials and documents about the Chinese in 19th century Mindanao.
  • Translation of Chinese works and vice-versa, LGBT studies, disability studies vis-a-vis Chinese studies.
    Reforms in Chinese-language education, realistic, workable and enforceable suggestions that address reforms.
  • Spiritual, psychiatric and dysfunctional issues in families, coping mechanisms, guidance and support groups on family problems and issues, especially in marginalized and poor sectors.
  • Cultural preservation, food, martial arts, pop culture, Chinese medicine, cultural and anthropological family studies art, film, music, dance, tangible and intangible heritage of the community; architecture of the Chinese cemetery preservation of Hokkien as lingua franca of Tsinoys.
  • Role of schools in the integration of the Chinese, especially of those that moved out of Chinatown; pattern of the school and the movement of the families and its impact on integration
  • More regional studies and local histories to veer away from the Manila-centric studies.

Due to the success of the conference, suggestions to have more conferences and workshops on new topics were raised.