Proudly Pinoy-made: Theo & Philo artisan chocolates

Theo & Philo artisan chocolates are 100 percent Philippine-made: the founders are Filipinos, the ingredients are sourced from Filipino farmers, and the factory hires locals to handcraft quality chocolate bars in the tradition of the highest quality chocolates in the world. The chocolates use cacao from Davao and sugar from Bacolod.

Founder Philo Chua’s welcome message on their social enterprise website narrates about how he decided to come home to the Philippines after living overseas, to make chocolates with homegrown cacao – unlike European countries known for their chocolates but do not grow their own cacao.

Theo & Philo takes pride that they follow the way of single-origin chocolate making – their “micro” factory productions of chocolate are overseen by people instead of machines. Since their founding in 2010, Theo and Philo chocolates made waves in the chocolate market and is now available in cafes and specialty stores. In 2016, the Theo & Philo artisan chocolates entered the Japan market.