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Netizens told: Change your passwords

The National Privacy Commission has reminded Filipino netizens to regularly change their passwords and secure their email and social media accounts.

Privacy commissioner Raymund Liboro said: “Regularly changing your passwords for online accounts such as email and social media is one of the most basic and easiest ways of protecting your data privacy.”

“Email is usually the means social media services such as Facebook confirm your identity. If your email is compromised, there is a chance that your social media accounts are com- promised as well, and criminals could use confidential information there to commit cyber crimes directed at you or the contact list in your email and social media accounts,” he warned.

He also urged Filipinos using services of technology giant Yahoo to immediately change their pass- words, citing recent confirmation of a massive data breach involving more than one billion users.

Liboro also warned internet users not to use a single password across multiple accounts, noting that a sin- gle hack would compromise the rest of the online accounts of the victim.

The commission recommended the use of passphrases instead of passwords, using a mix of upper and lower cases, numbers and symbols.