Chinese in PH Local History

Names of Philippine places mentioned in 東西洋考

This is a list of names of ancient places in the Philippines recorded in Dong Xi Yang Kao, starting from the departure point at Yue Gang (月港) in Zhangzhou (漳州), sailing through coastal areas from north to south.

This list identifies for us the places most well-known to early Chinese traders (biggest number is in Northern Luzon).

We kept the Chinese names and inserted the Filipino names of places we have identified. We welcome readers to suggest possible names of unidentified places. Email [email protected].

  1. 呂宋: Luzon
  2. 虎頭山
  3. 沙馬頭澳
  4. 筆架山: Pen rest mountain – could be Camiguin Island; it has two mountain peaks and from the island, it looks like where you put down a Chinese brush (pen)
  5. 紅豆嶼
  6. 浮甲山: Fuga Island in Batanes
  7. 大港: Aparri, Cagayan
  8. 南旺: Sanchez Mira, Namuac, Cagayan
  9. 哪哦山: Laoag (佬渥), Ilocos Norte
  10. 白土山: Badoc, Ilocos Norte
  11. 密雁: Vigan (美岸),Ilocos Sur
  12. 淡水港
  13. 米呂萼
  14. 磨力目
  15. 岸溏: Candon, Ilocos Sur
  16. 幞頭門
  17. 六藐山
  18. 郎梅嶼
  19. 麻里荖嶼: Could be Bolinao, Pangasinan
  20. 蘇安山: Could be Sual, Pangasinan
  21. 玳瑁港: Most Chinese records refer this to be Lingayen, Pangasinan
  22. 傍佳施欄: Pangasinan
  23. 表山
  24. 里銀中邦
  25. 頭巾礁: Panatag Shoal in Zambales
  26. 覆鼎山: Mount Natib in Bataan
  27. 大崙山: Most Chinese records refer this to be San Pablo, Laguna
  28. 圭嶼: Corregidor
  29. 半邊山 (望之半缺)
  30. 加溢城: Kawit, Cavite
  31. 大湖: must be referring to 内湖 Laguna
  32. 假港 (呂宋港口): Luzon Harbor (must be referring to Manila)
  33. 沙塘淺
  34. 貓里務 (合貓里)
  35. 豬未山
  36. 磨荖英港: Balayan, Batangas
  37. 呂蓬: Lubang Island
  38. 以寧港: Ilin Island
  39. 文武樓: Mamburao, Mindoro Oriental
  40. 芒煙山
  41. 磨葉洋
  42. 小煙山
  43. 龍隱大山
  44. 里擺翰
  45. 高藥港: Cuyo Island
  46. 漢澤山: Hamtic, Antique
  47. 巴荖圓: Palawan (巴拉灣)
  48. 羅蔔山
  49. 聖山
  50. 七峰山: must be referring to the seven peaks of Palawan
  51. 崑崙山
  52. 長腰嶼
  53. 鯉魚塘
  54. 屋堂: Oton (old name Ogtong), Iloilo
  55. 朔務: Cebu (宿務) (old name Sugbu)
  56. 海山
  57. 沙瑶
  58. 呐嗶啴: Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte
  59. 網巾礁老: Maguindanao
  60. 羅黄山
  61. 班溢 (即蚊罩山)
  62. 交溢 (班溢): Cawit, Zamboanga City
  63. 蘇祿: Sulu
  64. 逐奇馬山: Basilan (描絲蘭) (old name Taguima)
  65. 石崎山
  66. 犀角嶼
  67. 珠池

First published in Tulay Fortnightly, Chinese-Filipino Digest 28, no. 23 (May 10-23, 2016): 10, under the original title “16th century networks beyond China’s empire.”